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March 2, 2020 - No Comments!

Bellagio Gunman Arrested After Splashing Cash on Hookers

Bellagio Gunman Arrested After Splashing Cash on Hookers

Scott Alan Carmitchel, the suspect in a Bellagio robbery, was arrested this at the Hard Rock Hotel after a designer shopping spree week. The suspect ended up being uncooperative and refused to seem in court of their own volition. (Image:

Bellagio armed robbery suspect Scott Alan Carmitchel was arrested by vegas police this week during the Hard Rock Hotel and charged with battery pack, grand larceny, burglary, and robbery with a life-threatening weapon.

Carmitchel, 34, who comes from Kansas, has a long criminal background, is accused of going into the Bellagio casino on the evening of Friday, July 25 and robbing a cashier at gunpoint, before generally making off with $43,000. The cashier told police she feared on her behalf life.

Legislation enforcement officers were led to a available room at the Hard Rock following a tip-off from the tourist who became dubious of a guy whom paid him $300 to hire a $405 room at the hotel. The suspect initially told officers his title was Scott Rice and claimed he had found a black colored bag full of cash in the Bellagio parking lot, with identification although he was unable to provide them.

He later on acknowledged it was his image on Bellagio surveillance footage, but denied any familiarity with the crime, claiming he had checked out the casino that night, but had no memory of what had taken destination.

Shopping Spree

On searching the available space, authorities Read more